Thursday, September 29, 2011

Never Say Never | Justin Bieber comes to Franklin

To say yesterday was a dream, is an understatement.  I'm sitting at work, rob calls, he says he thinks Justin Bieber is in Franklin.  I of course tell him that is ridiculous and that he is wrong.  Within 5 minutes he has seen Selena Gomez and within 10 minutes I have left work and am traveling at lightning speed to Franklin. (I have called lacey in the meantime and she is doing the same thing). We are in Franklin in a matter of minutes.  I see purple painted equipment as I pull onto Main Street, I squeal.  We park our cars and begin our hunt.  After running into three 12 year olds, who are obviously up to the same thing as us, we realize we are ridiculous but decide it doesn't matter.  We sit on a park bench and wait.  Then a black Lincoln SUV pulls up.  Guess who get's out? Selena. Holding a bag of ChickFila.  We Freak. The 12 year olds run, so what do we do? We run... we follow her and just watch her back side walk to "The RV."  The RV (Justin's RV).  We play it cool, walk back around, get drinks and then park it at a Stop Sign and just watch the RV.  Within 30 minutes, we've met Kenny and Ryan (Justin's friends), take pictures with them and decide to wait..........
Then I hear Lacey say... "There he is." It's Justin. Justin, Selena, his sister, mom, dad, and all his friends.  I am JAW dropped and speechless.  He is just as cute in person as all the pictures.  We FLIPPED.  It was the most incredible thing.  and Lace and I were the only ones there.  It was a moment I will NEVER forget.  lace, I am so glad we shared this together.  Here are the pics....  Below is Ryan Good and Kenny Hamilton some of Justin's friends (remember from the movie?)

But the story doesn't end here....It gets better.

Come to find out Justin is in Franklin filming his new music video for a Christmas song, Mistletoe.  They were going to be filming outside all night. !!!!

So... I freak out all afternoon, go to church. All the girls in my small group are also freaking out and we decide to go BACK to Franklin after church.  Well by this point there are at least 600 squealing girls everywhere.  Justin is no where. But all his fans are....

It's raining and evidently they are postponing the filming for the rain.  Also, at this point, all of Main Street is blocked off and barricaded so no one can really go anywhere.  Rob calls me later in the night and asks if I want to see if we can watch from his store.  Of course I say yes. By the end of the night we have moved from watching inside the store, to standing outside at the door and eventually we were on the set! Everyone was soooo cool about us just hanging out and watching. Justin was literally bee-bopping all around us!!!!!! it was incredible.  At one point, someone yelled at us... Hey, Justin needs to go to the bathroom, can he go in your store? Ummm... yes of course, Justin can pee wherever he'd like. I didn't say this of course.  But within minutes, Justin is walking past me... singing Baby to himself and asking if we all want to play a game of pool in the store!!! I was starstruck.  I didn't formally introduce myself, which I regret now. But everything was just happening so fast and he was so busy, I just couldnt.  Needless to say it was an incredible night.. Here is the video I took of him walking past me.  Ahhhhh.  We were watching the filming until 2am.  It was awesome!!!!!!!

And this morning.... Kree calls and says oh my, get on facebook... We wake up to this....


Yes, that is us with the 12 year olds, watching Selena walk away. Oh don't worry, this pic is straight from The TENNESSEAN (Nashville Newspaper).  I am shoe-less because I had just run to chase her down. :) hehe. So embarrassing yet so awesome.

Never say never Beliebers.