Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mems with Meese.

Claire, aka Meesie (not sure how this nickname came about or how to spell it but this is what mom calls her), and I are the same age and have been very close since we were just babies. We are 6 months apart. Our parents made a point to put us together from the time we were both alive.  Well, we're all grown up and sweet Meesie is getting Married!!!

 This is us when were were about 5-6, clearly doing our handshake and dressed in matching outfits.  We matched alot, sometimes forced, but most of the time on our own accord.  We've been on vacations to Disney World, PCB, San Fran and everywhere in between.  We've played dress-up, school, house, put on dance recitals, made scrapbooks and always demanded our siblings play with us.  We've even "Sweated it out to the 80s" with Richard Simons a few times.

Claire has had many obsessions throughout our life, all of which inspired me to be obsessed too. Things like Hello Kitty- (here fave was Keroppi, the little green frog.)



Felix the Cat

And most importantly Cabbage Patch. (with Harry Potter coming in at a close second.)
This is not her actually baby, but her's was a lot like this.  Granted, together, we had 100s of cabbage patch dolls, her fav was a little boy dressed in blue, name Wade Bobby.  Claire was obsessed with the name Bobby.  And today, it is incredibly fitting, because Bobby is the name of her Fiance and future Husband.  They started dating during our senior year of college (maybe right before?) and have fallen in love! 

So we've gone from Wade Bobby to Bobby Martin to Claire Martin! I couldn't be more excited!

Bid day, 2006, booohooooing because we were so happy! This is the same face I made when she said she was getting married and when she asked me to be a part of it. 

Claire- I am so thankful for you. We have shared so many memories and obsessions over the past 24 years.  So thankful we were able to spend four years in Auburn together and I am excited about our future holidays, birthdays, reunions, all with Bobby Martin.

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