Tuesday, January 10, 2012

two semi-major life changes:

I can not get enough.  So I have turned over a new leaf in my life, I joined the Y. Uh hem.  This has been a long time coming.  I have been saying to Rob for over a year, that I should join and I finally did. I know he is happy to not have to hear me talk about it anymore. PLUS we have been working out together! This is definitely a new thing for us.  Rob loves working out and is very athletic so for me to join him is not only challenging for me but really fun for him! So.... we've been cycling in the mornings, rocking the elliptical and Ive been trying to run 3 miles a day.... uh hem. TRYING being the Keyword.

So... with working out has also come eating healthy.  I have quickly realized that any kind of cardio workout is MUCH easier without a couple of diet cokes in your belly as well as fried foods, heavy starches, etc.  Therefore I have become OBSESSED with Smoothies!!! I have never been a big fruit eater, I think because of the hassle maybe? -Like peeling an orange, slicing an apple, washing the strawberries? Haha I don't know, I've just never craved it.  But throw it in a blender with some peanut butter and yogurt and you better believe I want it everyday!!!!! My favorite smoothie is "The Elvez" smoothie from Whole Foods.  Rob introduced me and I am hooked.  After paying a total of 12 dollars for 2 smoothies, I decided I should start making my own.

Thanks to Neill (Maggies precious mother), Maggie got THIS for Christmas:

I mean, it is the most legit thing ever.  You put all your ingredients in a cup, put the blade on top, flip it upside down, put it on the blender, and VOILA you have a smoothie, ready to go! Some of you may be thinking, DUH LEAH, It's a Blender, that's what you do. But hey, this is all new to me, I've used a blender MAYBE 10 other times in my life!  So... the other great thing about a smoothie, is that you can put ANYTHING in it! Whatever you've got, OJ, Peanut Butter, icecream/frozen yogurt, Nutella, Bananas, strawberries, apples, grapefruit, heck, maggie uses fruitcups!  It's pretty legit.  Just whatever feels good to you! And there you have it, my 2 newest life changes- working out (with Rob- kinda makes 3 changes) and smoothies!

Feeling good and counting on you to hold me accountable!

"The Elvez" Recipe:

2 bananas
2 spoonfuls of peanut butter
2 spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt
a little bit of ice
a couple dashes of Apple Juice


  1. Leah so funny you posted this! I got a blender for Christmas and never thought I would use it and have used it every day since I got it for pb and banana smoothies!!!

    1. ah! That is soo funny! They are JUST SO GOOD!!!!