Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Updates and Musings...

First of allll... This weekend I drove all the way to Jackson, MS for one of my best friend's engagements. Tyler is getting married to her precious love, Blake! I am soo beyond happy for the two of them.  Unfortunately, i dont have a single picture from the night, I was too excited to get inside that I totally left my camera.  But Hart will have some posted soon, maybe Ill steal a couple and put them up here. 
YAY for the future JETER FAMILY!
Got to spend some GOOD time with these two at the Appetite of Jackson event!

Current office set up.  I know I said I would post photos of the office once we got settled, that never happened. But here is my view everyday. 
Last week, I had to get a new phone. I was so mad. So to treat myself, I used my Christmas gift cards from anthro.  I've been wanting a new purse, so I got this: 
Also, I've been dying for some penny-loafer style pumps. These were half off and the last size 6! Also got them for FREE.99 with a gift card.  Such a Happy. VERY thankful for giftcards....  Also, thankful for that heater at my feet. :)

Made these for my sweet friend EMILY!  The Haisten family is one of my favorites. 

As I resolved for 2012, I am working on my reading list.  I am currently reading Kisses from Katie. Next on my list is The Meaning of Marriage.  I am really trying hard to learn more about the world around me through reading! It is tough but so good. And this is incredible:

That's all I've got on this Tuesday morning. Sorry for the Randomness. :)


  1. obsessed with that stationary!

  2. i'm reading kisses from katie right now - loving it!