Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kizzy Kellum

We like to call her Kizzy.  Her name is Elizabeth Tyler Kellum... and some how...We got Kizzy out of all of that.  She is one of my very best friends and now she is getting married! Last Thursday I got a surprise call from Blake saying he was going to propose on Friday. I had plans to go to Auburn but made a quick detour and trekked 6 hours south to Jackson! I talked to Tyler almost all the way there and she was completely cluless!   The night was a night of unspeakable joy. Literally, Kiz was speechless.  She was so overwhelmed by love and joy. It was such a special night to be a part of! Kizzy, you love well and are therefore, well loved my sister friend.

Like I said before, I didnt have my camera but Hart had hers! Here are some of Hartress' pics from the night! She has more on her blog!

the happy couple!
Loved time with these two!
Happy Friends!
Just telling my side of the story I'm sure. Horrors.
Loving on the bride. and loving on my little cajun friend. Love you Rach.

Such a JOYFULL weekend!!! I am so thankful for wonderful friends.  It was such a great time to celebrate and spend gooood time with close friends.  Elena and I were able to have a long breakfast with sweet Rachel.  Allison spent the night with us on Friday! I got to experience Jackson with Ms. Jackson herself, Anne Elise. Emily had me over for puppy chow and some good convos. And to top it off I was able to spend time with my favorite Neighbors in the whole world... Kristen and the rest of the McClellan clan.

Celebrations are just the BEST. Especially when they involve lovely people like Tyler.  Ah... Still soaking up all the mems from the weekend.  :)

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