Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday News.

Last weekend, our Nashville friends got to celebrate the marriage of Mary Hancock and Parker Prevost! We had such a great time getting dressed up together and celebrating these two sweet people!  I love an excuse to get dressed up anyday!

Last night was the long awaited NeedtoBreathe concert with Ben Rector at the Ryman! Needlesstosay, it was a blast.

Also... got to catch up with my sweet friend Caroline before the show! Here are her and her husband Clark.  They are such a fun and talented couple. Check out BOTH of their websites!
We have been friends for a long time and it's the funniest friendship. It's almost weird.  We have only spent a period of about 6 weeks together and we had an instant connection. It's a weird kind of chemistry and I just love it. I talked about her wedding before on the blog, you may remember.  But anyways, we both live here in Nashville now and while we hardly ever see each other because life is so crazy, I absolutely LOVE any amount of time I get to be with her.  It is always SO refreshing and hilarious. We just get each other. Well, she is incredibly talented with style, fashion, putting things together, you name it she can do it.  Check out her blog! And today, she has a giveaway!! Check it out and sign up to win some Jewelry by the uber talented, Oliva Terrell. 

My Fam is on there way here for SHOWCHOIR competition! Can't wait to relive the days of sparkles, red lipstick, teasing combs and hairspray!! Go Soundwave!
Good Luck AJ!

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  1. don't act like you don't still rock the red lipstick and tease your you and caroline AND that you were my date to her wedding!