Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Sweet Celebration

This weekend was absolutely wonderful! Rob and I traveled to Memphis to be reunited with friends and celebrate one of our favorite, Ms. Kelli Sandusky (now, Hunt). Love seeing this one.. Cappy Cap. 


 The bride.... Kelli was absolutely stunning! And GLOWING with JOY the entire weekend! She was just so HAPPY!
 Look at all those colors!!
 Breakfast with friends....
 Beautiful cookies made my Kel's friends
 Meg this is prior to spilling coffee down her shirt... she's just being pretty!
 BEAUTIFUL Peonies from the backyard.
 And.... after she spilt the coffeeeeeeee
 A sweet reunion!

Loved being with sweet Auburn friends. I cried when I left! I always have VERY high expectations for our reunions and I am always overwhelmed! Love them so much.

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