Friday, April 20, 2012


This week has been crazy! I have been MIA and not really inspired to blog.  Had a flat tire yesterday morning and dropped my phone last night before bed... the screen shattered.... SO needless to say I am PUMPED that today has come.

A little glimpse of life lately... Seems like even if life gets out of hand, I still have time to instagram it!? I mean, it makes no sense if you ask me. But it's the world we live in, so Ill go with it.
Life via my phone:
These suckers are about to POP!  Love all the peonies around Nashville!
 Planted some geraniums! I want to be a green THUMB so bad. If only my budget would allow it...
 Wore Lacey's necklace on Tuesday and LOVED it.

My girl, Kree, ROCKED it at The Listening Room writers night! She sang among others like Elenowen and even Steve Diamond! 

 Lime Sorbet anyone? I love ANY kind of sorbet. Over icecream for SURE.
 I got a sweet order for this precious little family! I was so pleased with the way this turned out.
 And then.... I got a flat tire. BLAST.
Also, lots of designing, printing and shipping going on around here! YAY for Handmade.  Thanks for the support peeps. 
 NOTM got new water bottles everyone!! Check us out. :)  If you live in Nashville, you should do the 12South Home Tour tomorrow! You MAY even get one of these water bottles!  ;)
Also, sweet Georgia just launched a new website today! She is starting a paper company! And they are  BEAUTIFUL papers! You should check them out. She is so talented.  It's also her birthday!! Happy birthday sweet Georgia! And Happy almost anniversary! I love you so much!

Rob and I are heading to Mississippi this afternoon to celebrate Leesa Maries Wedding and watch sweet Anna John in Soundwave! It should be a good weekend!

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