Friday, May 18, 2012

Dance Recitals with my Girls.

 Sweet Friends!!! The Hand fam loves us some Dorie. Aren't they beautiful? So proud!

Best friends (est 1991)
 the last time we were in that same spot....(2006)
Sisters and Friends.

Sisters and friends...
 RockSTAR. Gracie (dead center- second row.) can MOVE.
 AJ has ALSO got the moves (2nd from the right)
 From Hip Hop to Classical.
 Forever goofy and in love...
 is she not BEAUTIFUL?

Gracie was not only a rockstar on the dance stage but also an AWESOME Soccer player this past weekend. So proud of ALL their talents. Love you fam. 

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  1. G! I'm loving those throw back pics! What wonderful tiny dancers we happen to be related to! Lucky us :)