Friday, May 11, 2012

Storing up Treasures...

I feel like before Rob left, we were both together constantly, running around, completing our bucket list, it was very relaxing and SO much fun, but I wasn't home very much at all.  This week I have been HOME. And man, its been nice.  Reading, soaking up time with my roommates and doing a lot of front porch sitting. I noticed some little treasures around my house while being here so much this week.  First of all,  my geraniums are in need of some love.  Can anyone help? I keep them watered, I think they are getting the right amount of sun, but gosh they just don't look very nurished.

I bought this old fan about 4 years ago from an antique store in Tupelo.  It was originally for Rob, but somehow, I got it back :).  It has worked like a charm, until this past January.  My grandad has recently gotten into the hobby of fixing up fans.  He has always fixed up old cars, but his 1970s antique Volkswagon bug is in mint condition and he has run out of things to fix. So.. he has moved onto fans.  I told him mine was in need of a little fix'n and in no time, he has it working like a charm!! He sent it to me in the mail this week!   also... notice that last little treasure of the season on the left.

I am VERY excited to start this new Tim Keller book! Ive heard everyone should read it so I'm about to give it a go.  Also pictured, is my newest purchase, Tartine Bread! Tartine Bakery is a famous bakery in San Fran that I have read and heard about a thousand times since I started learning about SF.  I decided to make my first SF purchase in this great bread recipe book from the bakery!
The pictures and pages are just stunning...
as are the recipes!! Can't wait to try out this PIZZA!
 soo... after I made the coffee table book purchase among many other silly purchases last week, I started getting really frustrated with my desire for things like new long skirts, coffee table books, new computers and even a road bike? Why does my sinful nature bring me to believe i NEED such things.  It frustrates me to NO end.  And then, this morning, my quiet time was this.....


Thank you Lord for teaching me to be content.  For showing me not to WANT the things of the world.  I think I have blogged about this many many times. But I am here again to say, I am constantly striving to surpress the desires of my sinful nature.   While I am thankful for fans, skirts, flowers, new books,  I must remember that those things will not satisfy me. Those things will not bring me eternal JOY and fulfillment.  


  1. I'm OBSESSED with that fan! Also a little tip I picked up from the flower goddess (my mother) it helps for geraniums if you pick off the dead blossoms for new ones to come through and it also gets rid of any disease the old bloom may have.

  2. Hi Leah-

    I have been reading your blog for a while via Stephanie Flynn's blog (we went to high school together).... I wanted to tell you that I found another great blog a couple weeks ago- . She is trying to cook every recipe in that cookbook and sharing life along the way.

    Thanks for sharing that Scripture. It is always necessary to be brought back to the Gospel and be reminded that we don't belong here.