Monday, June 28, 2010

The Lord is providential

I have to tell this story, it's hard to explain and shorten but awesome! So bear with me!

A few weeks ago the Lord showed me his sovereignty in the way he is in control and his perfect timing. Well this past weekend the Lord has proven once again his providence. On Saturday, my family and I were in Birmingham. My mom and I were in the process of looking for a new car and we found a posting in the newspaper. The posting was for a 2007 Toyota Camry! We called the owner and scheduled a time to look at the car that afternoon at 2:30. Later Saturday Morning I checked Craigslist one last time before moving to Nashville on Sunday (we still didn't have a house to move into) and saw a listing I had never seen. I immediately called the owner and scheduled a time for Molly and Maggie to go look at the house that afternoon at 2:45.

So... the afternoon rolls around- my family and I go to look at the car! it's perfect! A wonderful car, it's been taken car of and was a great price! We bought it and I drove it away! About 30 minutes later Maggie and Molly called saying they loved the house and asked if they could sign the lease! I said GO for it! The house was available immediately. Saturday: new car and new house. Lord- you are so good.

The Lord provides. Jehovah Jirah. Our Provider. Thank you Jesus.

our home:Sunset Avenue. This is our humble abode! It is 3 blocks from hillsboro village (belmont/vandy area). We can walk for yogurt/coffee/shopping. It still feels very collegy which I appreciate. This will slow down my feeling of "growing up" so quickly.

Sorry this post is so scattered but I had to talk about the Lord's perfect providence and show y'all the house!!