Thursday, July 7, 2011

And.... we're back

Sorry faithful followers... I am working on moving my url to but am having quite the difficult time making it happen! This past weekend was wonderful! In addition to celebrating America, we were able to explore the south and see many missed friends!!

I got to celebrate this little CHICA at a Fiesta complete with Panchos... only our favorite mexican spot in Nashville (actually franklin)
Isn't she so cute? Sarah Beth, I am soo happy for you! Sarah and Tom Fiesta 4-EVA.

We headed down to Lake Martin on Saturday Night caught up with Friends at one of our favorite lake spots! The Harris Family Lake Home. Here is the Crew:

And what's the Fourth without Sunflowers and Blueberries?
Yum! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As of last week. I have officially been in Nashville for 1 year. I can't believe that. The time has flown by. My life is so different than it was just days before moving here. Everything changed so fast, it's crazy to think about.  I finished class, Steph got engaged, went to Bham, got a car, found a house, moved in on Sunday and started work on Monday.  A whirlwind for sure but the whole time, the Lord was in control.  And since then Nashville has definitely become home to me. Maggie, Molly and I are staying in our house AND we have new neighbors across the street! Yep, Lacey and Kree and soon to be ANNA CLAIRE are living right across the street! It's funny to think that one year ago we moved in on Sunset not knowing anyone or anything and now we have a little neighborhood of friends! Life is good and God is "gooder." So thankful for his providence and faithfulness.
Home Sweet Home.

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