Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dance with me Baby.

Well, I have been putting this post off for a very long time now.  But I guess it's time to face reality and enlighten you on my life a little bit.  For the past 5 months, Rob and I have been in a bit of transition.  As of mid-march, Rob was offered a job with Intuit, a company out of Palo Alto, California.  It has been a long process of interviews, prayer, and hard conversations. But after several months of thoughtful consideration, we both realized it was the best decision for him to take the job!

We decided this was an opportunity that would not come our way again and that while California is far away, we are young and we can totally handle this!  In addition, getting to experience the techy world of Silicon Valley is not something Rob could really pass up. So, we decided together, he should take the job and move to San Francisco, where he will commute to Palo Alto.  We knew California was the harder choice. We knew this would be difficult. We knew the risk we were taking when we made the commitment. But, things don't happen twice. And you only live once. Some risks are worth taking. So why not? Right?

Well folks, the move date is upon us. May 7th, Rob heads to California.  Hence, why I am here, telling you our story.   I wouldn't normally go into such detail about Rob's life on my blog, but I feel like the next few months are going to be happy, hard, exciting and at times, just plain ole' difficult.  And it will probably all be reflected here, in my posts with lots of "I miss him"s.  In addition to random links to SanFran blogs, pics from trips to California as well as me seeking on how- to do long distance relationship.  So... with all that said, it was time to let the cat out of the bag.

Neither of us know what the future will hold past this next week, but we know it will be an adventure to say the least.  We have our anxieties, but we are trusting the Lord, in his perfect timing and his sovereignty. 

Currently.. we are soaking up this week together. Eating at our favorite restaurants, building lego airports, going to bed late and waking up early!

We appreciate your prayers as we start this TN-CA adventure. And now... I will leave you with a song.

Thanks Holly, for the reference to this song. :)

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  1. I'm crying right now. While I'm not in a TN-CA type long distance relationship, I KNOW long distance is hard. Y'all can do it, the phone (and SKYPE) will be your best friend! Make it fun, write letters, send surprises, random emails. Oh and make a Ben Rector Pandora station :)
    Love y'all! Have fun planning trips to visit!!! What an adventure!