Tuesday, November 29, 2011

History Repeating.

Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL.  I have a camera full of adorable pictures of sweet cousins, yummy food and cute sadie, but it has yet to be uploaded to my computer.  So... until then,  I will post instagram photos. :) hehe.   (sorry for all those who have already seen these photos)

I've been thinking, and you know what i've realized?  That after living in Nashville for over a year, I am now doing things for the second time.  A year ago, everything was a first.  But now, its second. (I am sure you're thinking, "Wow Leah, that's profound!") But really, "Firsts" are such a JOY. Everything is new, fun and exciting.  So what is great about "seconds" (besides another helping of mac 'n cheese) ?

 Traditions!  Traditions are "seconds"!  Make Sense?

I've always loved the idea of traditions and loved my families traditions. I've recently realized that this was our second football season, second Thanksgiving, second round of Nashville Christmas events, like Country Christmas.  and snow. And you know, I like it.  I love that we pulled out our old Christmas tree, strung our same lights. There is something lovely about the second round of events that create a Tradition.  Now, isn't that just sweet.  So here is to, tradition, history and doing it again next year!

In addition to old traditions, we have started new ones. Like our Thanksgiving Feast, frying a turkey, our football party outside, a real wreath (molly's family tradition) and spiced tea!
It's fun to think back to this time last year, the newness of everything, all the many "firsts" we took part in.  And now, it's fun to repeat those things and call them "Traditions." ah. I love it. Oh yeah and not only are happenings repeating, but so is the weather. it's freezing, AGAIN.

So all this history repeating got me thinking. Thinking about random thoughts, inspirations and dreams that have come true and thanks to this blog, are documented.  Some, big things, like jobs, celebrations, other things are hairstyles and puppies. For instance, the Ballerina Bun.  Here is mine today:

Next, a puppy, I wanted one sooo bad. And my fam got one.  Wish I could spend more time with sweet Sadie.

So I guess that what journaling is for.  To watch history repeat, chronicle happenings/traditions in your life, draw inspiration and create reality.  So thanks for being a part of this life with me! It's so fun to continue documenting life as it unfolds and look back to see where the Lord has taken us.

Happy Tuesday!!



  1. meri scott carpenterNovember 29, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    what photo app do you use? love them

  2. leah! I love the way this is written. So poignant. Also love the hair.

  3. I regret not bringing you Herbert's brother... you need him oh so badly.