Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year in Review!

2010 has been a big year of change in my life! From College to the Real World in a matter of weeks! A lot of things have changed but I feel so blessed to be where I am. The Lord continues year after year to bless me in ways I could have never imagined. I am so thankful for a beautiful and wonderful family, my health, my job, my house and food every single day. I pray that I would become more and more aware of the Lord's presence in my life this year. Because of all this change I thought it would be fun to do a little recap. I have linked back to alot of instances but dont feel like you have to! I thought it would be fun to have this to look back at the year!

My first hunting trip. Didn't kill a thing but Gabe did!A Good Snow in Tupelo!
My first friend to be married!
Tupelo Reunion in Nashville!
The one and only, John Mayer, for Kree's Birthday!
Another Snow in AUBURN! (on the road to Mobile)
My first Mardi Gras with Mags in Mobile.
A VERY relaxing Spring Break in Seaside
Last Chi O formal!
Easter with the family in Auburn.
The days of Insanity!!!!!!T-Swift comes to Auburn.G's for life.
Chi O Pledge Class 2006This is a very special picture because ALL of these people have been friends since Freshman Year!
A very special trip to Samford Hall!
Just another day in Auburn! Slip N' SlidinThe graduation pictures begin!
The BH!
And then here come the weddings... Sarah Ross! A beautiful bride...Emily Nelson Moved out of the Beach House... a very sad dayGot a JOB in Nashville and moved on up to Nashville...Got a new roomie... Maggie C. Delaney.Family Vacation to North Carolina.
Graduation day with Gabrielle.
Rachel Williamson becomes Mrs. Donald
And the Auburn Reunions and Football begin! We meet up wherever and whenever we can!
Auburn Football is now a Roadtrip! This was our first roadtrip to Kentucky!
A sweet reunion in Memphis!
A BH reunion in our favorite place in the whole world. Mrs. Flynn (pictured above) was missed but on her Honeymoon!!!
And then... We won the SEC! War EagleChristmas with the fam! (We have got to do better at taking family photos)It was quite a good year! And definitely a Perfect Season!
Bring it on 2011!


  1. Me too Steph. It was a good YEAR!

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